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Celebrating this Historic Juneteenth

Also known as Freedom day, Black Independence Day, Jubilee Day, and Emancipation Day, Juneteenth celebrates the freedom of all people no matter their race and the hope for freedom of all those still enslaved around the world.

The history of Juneteenth begins on Sptember 22nd, 1862 when Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipaton Proclamation, declaring all enslaved people to be free. On June 19th, 1865 Texas was the last state to ratify the declaration, finally making all people in the United States of America legally free. However, the struggle for true equality still continues to this day.

Here at Stoop Logic, we support this long-standing fight for true equality for all people, regardless of race or nationality.

This year will be the first year the holiday is federally recognized by the United States Government. This is an important step towards recognizing our flawed and intolerable history as a nation.

This and every Juneteenth, recognize the struggles and don't be afraid to be have the tough conversations for the sake of advancement and freedom.


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