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Kaci Fox

Missoula, MT

Artists Bio

My name is Kaci Steen Fox. I love to turn my old school country music up, open all the windows and spend hours in my art room! I am from Missoula, Montana but originally from Hays, which is located on the Fort Belknap Reservation in eastern Montana. I am enrolled in Fort Belknap and I am a member of the Gros Ventre & Assiniboine tribes. I started drawing at a very young age and knew this was something I was going to love for life! I love to do Native American themes, such as horses, tepees, pow wows, regalia, native women, & bead work. I also love to paint sunflowers, succulents, and cacti. I love using bright colors but most of all, shades of Turquoise! teal, sea foam, mint, aquamarine, sapphire, jade, aqua, etc. I love to stitch beadwork into the canvas as well.

Products by The Artist

Products by The Artist

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