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Jordan Oliver

Minneapolis, MN


About the Artist

Jordan Oliver began creating art 5 years ago, as a way of honoring the beautiful earth around him, working in several different mediums, while favoring watercolor & ink. He specializes in blending emotion & nature with feminine energy, using its intent to evoke a narrative that resonates his own vision into others.


While drawing his pieces he focuses less on the physical appearance of a subject & more on their emotional expression or issues, meticulously adding details & color intended to challenge your perspective & create a harmonious balance not restrictive of the message he’s portraying.


His artistic journey has led him to working with a large number venues & production companies across America as well having the joy to residentially create in Minneapolis, and Denver.


Jordan has been featured in a number of magazines across different countries including being featured in magazines like Utopia Chaotic Magazine in Canada . He travels to live paint at dozens of different events & music festivals across the US each year such as Rekinektion & Meow wolf, & has produced 100s of products independently & in collaboration with companies, he’s done multiple album covers for musician like Beak Nasty & others across the US & has tens of thousands of followers all across the internet. If you’re lucky, you may be able to find a piece that strikes a chord with you in his Etsy shop, one of the dozens of small businesses that sell his products or even better yet, fresh off the easel at one of his events!

Products by The Artist

SL x JO.png
Jordan Oliver Interview
SL x JO.png
SL x JO.png
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